Veterans' Graves (A-Z)

Adams Daniel (alias O’Keefe, Dennis), U.S.S. Michigan, Clara Dolson, Covington, Black Hawk, St. Matthew’s Churchyard, Silksworth, Sunderland, Grave -.
Alexander Walter W., Co. B, 150th Ohio Inf. - Malmesbury, Wilts., Cemetery, Plot 40, North
Allison David, Pvt., Co. E, 33rd Massachusetts Inf. & 12 Bn. V.R.C., bur. Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth, Taylors plot, Row 8, Grave 29
Anderson David, Co. D, 14th Ill. Inf., Co. D, Vet. Bn., 14th Ill. Inf. - Arbroath Abbey Cemetery, Grave -.
Appleton Algernon T. (alias Albert Thorne), Pvt., Co. I & E, 12th Illinois Cav. - Rotherham Cemetery, Grave -.
Aveyard John, Co. K, 189th Ohio Inf - Hedon Road Cemetery, Hull, Grave 28, Compartment 26 (public)
Aylsworth Morris H., Co. F, 24th Wis. Inf., Mil R R Q M D U S Vols – Leeds, Yorks.: Lawnswood Cem., Freehold Vault U58 (courtesy Bro. Andrew Hopkinson)
Band William Simmons, Sgt., 51st Ill. Inf. - Buckingham Cemetery, Grave J 737
Barnard Robert George, Pvt., Engineer Co., 84th N.Y.Inf, poss. Pvt., Co. H, 11th N.Y.Cav. - Allenvale Cem., Aberdeen, Section C, Lair No. 819
Bell Adam, Pvt., Co. H, 9th Indiana Inf. - Ulverston Cemetery, Cumbria, grave ……. (via. Bro. Bruce Frail, DC)
Bilkey Robert, U.S.S. Ohio, North Carolina, Stettin, Montgomery, Sacramento - Wesleyan Churchyard, Delph, Yorkshire
Birrell Andrew, Coxswain, USS North Carolina, Relief, Ohio Sacramento, Henry Janes, Potomac - Balgay Cemetery, Dundee, Section P, Lair 233
Bishop Daniel Edward, Major, Paymaster, U.S.V., 1862-1865 - Hastings Cemetery, Kent, Square EG, Grave H8
BlazeyWilliam, Company G 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Plot 199 Bexleyheath Cemetery
Blow John W., Batty C, 5th N.Y.H.A. - Spalding, Lincs., Cemetery, Grave Div.2, 23B
Blucher Edward, USS Vermont, Aphrodite (tpt), Vicksburg, Phlox, Ohio - Bootle Borough Cemetery, Public, Section 1, Grave 340
Boucher Thomas, Pvt. Co. G, 47th New York Infantry, Ford Catholic Cemetery Liverpool Grave B.326
Boulger William, Cpl. Co. I, 3rd Missouri Cav., Walton Park Parochial Cemetery Liverpool [grave no. not yet found]
Boullen Frederick S., Co. G 23rd Pennsylvania Inf., Manchester General Cem. Nonconformist Sec. Grave 3126
Brierley Napoleon, Co. B, 132nd New York Inf. - Chadderton Cemetery, Oldham, Grave G2 65
Brown Edward R., Pvt., Co. C, 97th Pennsylvania Inf. - Flaybrick Cemetery, Birkenhead, Grave RC2/438
Brussell[s]Thomas, Pvt., Co. C, 5th R. I. H. A., Co. C, 5 th R.I. Inf., Co. H, 17 th Mass. Inf., Chadderton Cemetery, Oldham, grave N3 190
Caldwell William, Cos. B, I, 51st New York Inf, Co. F, 12th N.Y.S.M. - Greenock Cemetery, Grave – Lair No. 127
Capes Reuben D., Co. D, 28th N.J. Inf. - Holy Cross Churchyard, Milton Malsor, Northants – no headstone
CapperPeter, Captain, Blockade Runners 'Eagle' and 'Will-o-the-Wisp', Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool, Section D, Grave 195
Carwardine John, Capt., Co. F, Maj. 6th New York Cav. - Earls Colne, Essex, Churchyard, Grave -.
Cearns Joseph alias Watson, Joseph, Seaman, USS Columbus Mexican War (d. Liverpool, Sept. qr., 1905) while researching Alfred Dewick, USN)
Chater Joseph, Co. F, 7th Rhode Island Inf., d. of dis. Dec. 1862 - Wid. Charlotte bur. Netherton Chyd, Dudley, Worcs., Grave -.
Coleman Henry, Co. A, 20th Pennsylvania Inf. - Dundee Eastern Cemetery, Section II, Poor Ground
Collom Levi H., Cos, K & J, 39th Penna. Inf. - bur. Saegertown, Pa., widow Allie Stevens bur. Bishopswearmouth Cem., Sunderland, with her son-in-law John Blackwood Munro
Connell Peter, Co. D, 15th N.Y. Cav., Co. D, 2nd N.Y. Prov. Cav. - Blackburn, Lancs., Cemetery – Grave K/R/3156
Connolly Edward, USMC, USS Juniata (& post-war) - Grave 1149, Ford Cemetery, Liverpool
Connor Joseph, C.S.S.Alabama [identified by Maurice Rigby], Ford Cemetery, Liverpool. Catholic, Grave -.
Cook Charles, Co. A, 9th U.S. Inf. & Old War - Tayport Cemetery, Tayport, Fife, Lair No. 409, Section L
Cook James Stanford, Co. I, 5th U.S. Cav, & Co. I, 5th U.S.Cav., 1860-65 - Harrow Cemetery, Pinner Rd., Grave 630, Section 7
Coombs Benjamin, USS Oneida & Saco - Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth, Grave Porters plot, Row 12, grave 44
Cooper Abraham N., Co. G, 90th Pennsylvania Inf., missing as POW Laurel Hill, Va., May 8, 1864 - Wid. Alethea Cooper, bur. St. Michael’s Chyd., Framlingham, Suffolk, Plot VAK 6
Copeland Frederick F., Co. K, 151st Ill. Inf., “Old War” - Leek, Staffs., Cem., Area 10, Grave 3063
Crabb James, (alias Thompson), U.S.S. North Carolina, Minnesota, Tacony - Abney Park Cemetery, London, Square J09, Grave 074662
D’Aubigne Bartolo, Pvt., Co. C, 7th Michigan Cav. - St. Peter’s Churchyard, Duntisbourne Abbots, Gloucs
Davis William (in census etc as Davies), Pvt., Co. F, 2nd Pa. Inf. (3-mo). Pvt., Co. G (& M?), 3rd Pa Cav. - All Saints Chyd., Llanfrechfra, Cwmbran, Grave -.
Dawkins William Thomas (alias Dinnick, William), 2 Cl. Fireman, USS Vermont , Wabash, North Carolina, Carrabasset, Potomac, Fear Not, Pampero - Northwood Cem., Cowes, IoW, plot 24, Grave 5415a, Conformist
de Hayes Charles, USN, London Veterans member No. 85, died and was buried in Antwerp 1927)
DevinySarah, widow of James Deviny, Co. E, 120th N.Y. inf., k.i.a. Boydton Plank Rd., Va., Oct. 27, 1864, Brompton Cem., London, Common Grave R.220, 6x143.3, Grave 6ft
DewickAlfred, (alias Arthur Cox), Ord. Seaman, USS St. Mary's, Lancaster, Savannah, North Carolina, Dragon, Fuschia, Potomac Flotilla, Kirkdale Cem., Liverpool, C of E Division, Sec. 8, Grave 1040
Dorrington James, Co. B, 24th Penna. Inf. (?poss. Also 69th Pa. Inf.?) - Balgay Cemetery, Dundee, Section H, Poor Ground
Dorsey Robert B., 1st. Cl. Painter, USS New Hampshire Wyoming, Wachusett, Canandaigua, Signal, Clara Dolsen, Great Western, Vermont, 1863-75 - Tuxford, Notts, Churchyard, Grave -.
Dowle John, (alias Edward J. Conner), Pvt., Co. E, 1st NY Dragoons (later 19th NY Cav. - Nunhead Cemetery, London already known to be buried there, but grave number, 5037, now identified)
Duff James, Col., 33rd Texas Cav. - Barnhill Cemetery, Dundee, Section K, Lair No. 139
Dulley Henry George, Co. I, 19th Maine Inf., Seaman, USS Chicopee, North Carolina - Cathays Old Cem., Cardiff, Section X, Grave 9
Durand Angelo, 1 Lt., Co. G, 24th N.Y. Cavalry - Dumfries High Cemetery, Section B, Plot 150
DwightAnna R., widow of William Dwight, Col., 70th New York Volunteers & Brigadier General USV. H, died and is buried in Boston, Mass., She came to live with her son in England and is buried in Highland Cemetery, Southampton, grave number not yet ascertained
EvansRobert, USS Ceres, N Carolina, St James Cemetery, Liverpool, Grave ….. (reg. no. 48,994)
FerrisSarah Ann, widow of Elikim Ferris, Cpl., Co. H, 28th Connecticut Inf., Bur. Greenwich, Conn., St. John the Baptist Churchyard, Thaxted, Essex, close to SW corner of church.
FletcherCaroline, widow of James B. Fletcher, Co. A, 14 th Ill. Inf., (died 25.7.61 of fever), buried. St. Mary’s Churchyard, Oldham (stones have been removed)
FlynnDaniel, 1st Class Fireman, USS Shamrock – enlisted 1864, died in a shipboard accident in 1876 when the ship was visiting England and was buried Southampton Old Cemetery, (Grave number not yet ascertained)
Ford Charles Henry, Sgt., 2nd Va Cav., & Maj., 1st Va. Local Defence Bn., CSA - Almost certainly buried Tower Hamlets Cemetery, London, Grave -.
FosterJames, Seaman, USS Stars & Stripes, Ino, Hibiscus, Ariel, buried Allerton Cemetery, Garston,Liverpool, section 4, grave 60
Forrester Thomas S. (alias Sadler, Thomas), U.S.S. Lancaster, Wyoming - bur. Marchwiel, Denbighs., Churchyard Nov. 19, 1875: no indication of grave position.
FrasierGeorgiana, widow of Cyrus G. Frasier, Co. A, 14 th Ill. Inf. (died 25.7.61 of fever), buried. St. Mary’s Churchyard, Oldham (stones have been removed)
GalvinPatrick, Coal Heaver, USS Minnesota, Leigh Cemetery, Wigan (grave i/d on map)
Gardner William, 1st Lt., Co. I, 9th Ohio Cavalry - Hastings Cemetery, Kent, Plot AK K12
Garland Richard, Co. I, 5th N.Y.H.A. - St. John Bowling Churchyard, Bradford, Yorks., Grave S.2
Gilkison Dugald S., Lt., Co. A, C, D, 10th N.Y. Inf. - Putney Vale Cemetery, London, Grave 834, Block AS
Glover William, Sgt., Co. M, 16th NY Cav, & Co. G, 3rd N.Y. Prov. Cav. – Leeds general Cemetery, Woodhouse, Plot 8116 (courtesy Bro. Andrew Hopkinson)
Grayell Jabez Jerome, Pvt., Co. I, 23rd Ohio Infantry - Malmesbury Cemetery, Plot 838, North[Cemetery already known, plot not previously identified].
Hackett David, 2nd Cl. Fireman, USS Princeton, New Hampshire, Tunis, Patapsco, kia Charleston 15.1.65 - Widow Anne, bur. 5.11.1881 at Phillips Park Cemetery, Manchester, Grave Nonconconformist 302-2
HaelWilliam, Co. D, 3rd N. Y. Inf., wounded Big Bethel, St John’s Churchyard, Glastonbury
Hall Jairus William, 2 Lt. - Col., 4th Mich. Inf., Bvt. Brig. Gen. -Lambeth Cemetery and Crematorium, Tooting, Grave 277, b2gen
HalpinMary, widow of Patrick Halpin, Batty I, 5 th U.S. Lt. Arty., d. Andersonville Jan 4, 1864, bur. St. Joseph’s RC Churchyard, Moston, Manchester
Hammond William, USS North Carolina, Charleston, Brooklyn, Princeton, Philadelphia, Bienville - Western Cemetery, Spring Bank, Hull, Compartment 388, Grave 37,532
Hargrove Charles H., Co. H. 155th N.Y.Inf., Co. E, 1st Del. Inf., 21st VRC Hull – Western Cemetery, Compartment 540, Grave 52,070
Harold Henry William, Sgt., Co. E, 15th Massachusetts Inf. - Hastings Cemetery, Grave KB E15
HastieThomas, Co. A, 148 th N.Y. Inf., Dryfesdale Parochial Cem., Dumfries, Lair 1112
HavelockCharles Frederick, Maj. Gen. British army; Col. & ADC, McClellan’s Staff - St. Paul’s Churchyard, Sarisbury Green, Hampshire
HayMargaret I., Dependent mother of Robert M.Hay, Yeoman, USS Carrabasset, d. of dis. 23 Oct. 1864,Anfield Cem., Liverpool, Private Grave, Section 9, Grave 530
Hayes Edward, Seaman, USS North Carolina, Colorado - Toxteth Park Cemetery, Toxteth, Liverpool, Sec. 14, Grave 178
Hearsfield William, Pvt., Gilbert’s Co., Ind. Ill. Cav., Co.H, 12th Ill. Cav., St. John the Baptist Chyd., Erith, Kent, Grave -.
Heath John, Seaman, USS Santee, North Carolina, Princeton, Alleghany, Mahaska, Nipsic - Brighton & Preston Cemetery, Grave F745
HeatonEmily, widow of Dwight Heaton, Co. A, 13th Illinois Inf. (d. &amp, bur. Illinois, 1884), bur. Harlow Hill Cem.,Harrogate, grave 172268
Heaton Shadrack, Pvt., Co. K., 147th New York Inf., 44th & 22nd Co., 2nd VRC, St. Matthews, Chadderton, Lancs., Chyd., Grave -.
HortonCharles H., CSS Shenandoah (shown as Morton in the Alabama claims Shenandoah crew list), St. Mary's Churchyard, Bootle
Howard Edward, Sgt., Co. L, 20th Pennsylvania Cav. - Peel Green Cem., Salford, Section C3(NC), Grave 7855
Howell John Cumming, Lt.-Fleet Capt., USS Minnesota, Tahoma, Lehigh, Nereus, Metacomet (Civil War), rising to post- war Rear Admiral USN - Cheriton Road Cemetery, Folkestone, Kent. Grave …….
Hughes John O., Co. I, 130th Penna. Inf. - Rehoboth Chapel Graveyard, Corris, Merionethshire
Ignatius Antonio, USS Agamanticus, Potomac, Pampero, Pensacola, Potomac – Leyton, St. Patrick’s RC Cem,, Grave -.
James John D., Co. D, 3rd Wis. Cav. - Twrgwyn Chapel Graveyard, Rhydlewis, Cardiganshire
Jebbett Elisha, US Marine Corps 1848-53, and Co. I, 94th New York Inf. – Basford Cemetery, Nottingham, Family grave 847
Johanson Charles J., Seaman, USS Ohio, Mercedita - Hedon Road Cemetery, Hull, Compartment 200, Grave 85
Johnson Alexander, Co. E, 83rd Pa. Inf., Ord. Sea., USS North Carolina, Manhattan, Aroostook - Ford Cemetery, Liverpool, Grave A 194
Johnson Charles, Co. F, 193rd Ohio Inf. - Tutbury, Staffs. Churchyard – exact place not known.
KinlochJohn M., 1 Lt-Capt., Co. I, 5th Florida Inf. CSA, k.i.a. May 6 1864, Wid. Agnes Wilkinson, bur. Sighthill Cem., Glasgow, Lair 66
Kneale Charles, USS Vermont, Lackawanna, North Carolina (Civil War, number of other ships, full service 1850-72) - Anfield Cemetery – [cemetery already known, but grave no. now identified - Section C4, Grave 1980)
Kneen Thomas, Co. C, 6th Vermont Inf. - Lezayre Cemetery, Isle of Man, Grave 820-824
Latham John, CSS Alabama - Anfield Cemetery, public grave, section 1, Grave 540, Nonconformist Division (i/d Maurice Rigby)
Littlefield William N., Co. A, 2nd Mass. Cav. - Tooting Cemetery, Grave -.
Locke William, Pvt., Co. E,, 11th Ill. Cav. - All Saints Churchyard, Burton Dassett, Warwicks. Grave difficult to locate, burial register entry 383
Lyons Timothy (also Lehanes), Landsman, USS Allegheny, St. Louis, Augusta, Cambridge, North Carolina - Bowling Cemetery, Bradford, Yorks., Section O, Grave 46
Margerison James, (also Margison), Sgt.-2 Lt., Co.K, 24th N.Y. Cav.- Weaste Cemetery, Salford, Plot B18, C of E, Grave 933
Mayhew Henry C., (enlisted as Harvey, m/o as Henry) Co. E, 64th N.Y. Inf. - Bow Cemetery, London, Grave -.
McDonald Bela, Sgt., Co. E,. 130th Indiana Inf. – Nunhead Cemetery, London, Grave ……..
McEwan John, Sgt. Maj., Co. H, 65th Illinois Inf. - mentioned on Civil War monument, Old Calton Cem., Edinburgh. it is established that he is buried in a public grave there, but there is no record of the exact spot.
MilsomHennrietta, dependent mother of William Milsom, 2nd Principal Musician, Co. C, 42nd Ill. Inf., d.o.w., Atlanta, July 23 1864, bur. Nashville Natl. Cem., Grave 8767, Henrietta bur. Highgate Cemetery, West, Grave 6172
Mitchell John (alias John Smith), 2 Cl. Fireman. USS Princeton, Ohio, Hendrick Hudson, North Carolina, San Jacinto, Proteus – Clophill Churchyard, Beds., gravesite unc.
MonroeEdward, Seaman, USS Princeton, Metacomet, Alleghany, Cambridge, Bienville, Norfolk packet, Malvern, Shamrock, Bow Cemetery (now Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park), public grave P1151
Morecraft George (alias Eugene Howard), Yeoman, USS Hartford, Winona, North Carolina, Princeton - Camberwell Old Cemetery, Square 20, Grave 23029 Consecrated (public)
Munrow Robert (alias for Robert Harland etc), Co. I, 174th NY Inf. Co. I, 162nd NY Inf., Quarter Gunner, USS Pittsburg, Hull Workhouse Cemetery, grave no. unc.
Nash Joseph A. (alias John Nash), USS Vermont, Ohio, Gem of the Sea, Magnolia – Chadwell St. Mary Cem., Essex, Grave 45, Section 4
Newman George, Pvt., Co. C or E, 42nd Ohio Inf., - Park Cemetery, Ilkeston, Derbys., unmarked grave, No. -.
Nicolle John, (alias Nichol, John), Seaman, USS Peoria, Mingo, Emma, Vermont, Princeton, Tacony, New Hampshire - St. Brelade’s Churchyard, Jersey, grave location unknown
Nugent George T. (alias Rex, William), Co. I & Hosp. Steward, 21st N.Y. Cav., Brighton and Preston Cemetery, Grave R2
Nuttall Robert, 1st Asst. Eng., CSS Rappahannock - Dover – St. Mary’s Cemetery, Plot LG26
O’Donnell Thomas (alias Thomas Reiley), USS Ohio, Princeton, Lodona, Connecticut, New Hampshire - Preston Cemetery, grave -.
O’Neill John, Co. G, 71st N.Y. Mil., - Cambusnethan Cemetery, Cambusnethan, Lanarks. Plot E1873
Oakley (Frederick) Henry, Pvt., Co. D, 4th New Hampshire Inf., & Seaman, USS Minnesota, Mackinaw, Commodore Jones - Blandford Forum Cemetery, Grave A/1225
Olegar Daniel, Batty. F, 6th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery - Putney Vale Cemetery, London, Section O, Grave 235
Oswin Charles, Contract Surgeon, U.S.V., - St. Lawrence Churchyard, Hawkhurst, Kent (graveyard destroyed inWW2)
Parker John, Captain, Blockade Runner “Modern Greece”, died Richmond, Va., commemorated as Captain, ‘Modern Greece’, on his widow’s gravestone, Western Cemetery, Hull, Compartment 50, Grave 5037
Pearson Zachariah Charles, Mayor of Hull and Blockade-Runner owner
Pedvin Daniel - Pvt.-Cpl., Co. B, 1st Minn. Cav. Co. B, 2nd Minn. Cav. - (died & buried in Villets, La Foret, Guernsey, grave not yet identified)
PhillipsCapt., Grenadier Guards, observer on CS side at Fredericksburg, St. Andrews Church, Clevedon, Somerset
PowellWilliam Peter, African-American Contract Surgeon/Officer, USA-Anfield Cem., Liverpool, Public Section 9, Grave 798
Prendergast John (Pendergast?), Cos. G, D,. 13th Conn. Inf. - North Shields – Preston Cem., grave -.
Press Thomas, Cpl., Batty. A, 1st Michigan Light Arty. - Hailsham, Sussex, Cemetery, Grave 1259
Quigley Michael J., Pvt., Co. A, 8th New Jersey Inf., - All Saints Cem., Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Grave Section C uncon - 796
Regan Francis, USS Vermont, North Carolina, Potomac, Scioto, Octarora - Tonge Cem., Bolton, Catho. 4th Row / U1 / 27 (located by new contact in Bolton)
Richardson Alfred M., Co. D, 47th New York Infantry, Lawnswood Cem., Leeds, Section T, grave 313956
Riley James (Reilly?), Pvt., Co. K, 42nd New York Inf. - Gateshead East Cemetery, Section 2, No. 786
Rippon Harriet, wid. of William Rippon, Co. G, 58th Mass. Inf., d. Andersonville, bur. grave 6850 - St. Thomas Chyd., Stockport, Cheshire, Grave 199N
Roache Thomas, QM, USS North Carolina, Princeton, Wissahickon - Rame Churchyard, Cornwall, Grave -.
Roberts William, Co, B, 3rd N.Y.L.A. - All Saints Churchyard, Sculcoates, Hull, location unknown, prob. Workhouse area.
RobertsonJohn, father of William Robertson, 3rd Assistant Engineer, CSS Alabama, missing in action June 19 1864, Glasgow, Sighthill Cem., Lair 54
Roe John (alias John Kelly), Co. E, 35th N.J. Inf. - Nottingham General Cemetery, Grave -.
Roper Robert Charles, Pvt.-1 Lt.. Cos. K, H & A, 56th NY. Inf. - St. Mary’s Churchyard, St. Fagans, Glamorgan, Grave B.01
Ross William P., 2nd Cl. Fireman, U.S.S. North Carolina, Tuscarora - Warriston Cem,, Edinburgh, Sec. S, Lair 1022 (but exact plot unlocatable in common ground and the cemetery’s maps are blank)
Sefton James Daniel, O. Sea. & Capt’s Clerk, USS Ohio, Preble, Potomac, Vincennes - Bootle Borough Cemetery, Private, Section 3, Grave 594
Shelton William E. (alias William Stapleton), Co. B, 11th Mass. Inf. -Northern Cemetery, Hull, Compartment 142, Grave 22
Shrosbree Robert James, Ord. Seaman, USS Columbus, Mexican War - Islington & St. Pancras Cemetery, square Z8, no. 6217 P [identification by Bro. Doug Fidler]
Silker George [?A.], ?Co. F, 51st New York Infantry, “tailor to Abraham Lincoln” - Ayr Cemetery, Section D1906, Lair No. 1495a
Skene Matthew, U.S.S. Ohio, Colorado, Western Cemetery, Dundee, Section II, grave 76
Slater Simon A. R. (alias Alfred Ryder), Schoolmaster, USS Princeton, James Adger, Vermont - Trinity Cemetery, Aberdeen, Section O, Lair No. 116
Sloan John, Pvt., Co. H, 1st Louisiana Inf., USA Mexican War - Saltwell Cemetery, Gateshead, Section 4, Grave 4640.
Smith William John (alias Herne) - Seaman, USS North Carolina, Princeton, St Louis, Maria Deming - All Saints Churchyard, Sculcoates, Hull, gravesite not known.
Snowden Thomas Hamlyn, Capt., 38th N.Y. Inf. - Woodvale Cem., Brighton, Extra Mural Cem., Grave 31602
Stafford John Hindle, Cos I & A, 16th N.Y. Inf., 1st Sgt., Cos. D & C, 13th N.Y. Cav. – Leeds General Cemetery, Woodhouse, Plot 3011 (courtesy Bro. Andrew Hopkinson)
Steadman Robert, (Steedman?), Co. E, 5th Maine Inf. & USS Mackinaw, Alleghany: d. Irvine, 1865, and commemorated on the Old Calton Monument, Edinburgh. However he must have been buried elsewhere, as he was re-buried 18 June. 1932 in Shewalton Cem., Irvine, Section E, Lair 29.
SterneLouis, Pvt., Co. E., 7th New York State Militia, 1861, Golders Green Crematorium - ashes placed in his brother's urn
TaylorSarah, widow of Joseph Taylor, Pvt., Co. C, 45th Pennsylvania Inf., d. p.o.w. at Salisbury, NC, 8th Jan. 1865, bur. Chadderton Cem., Oldham, grave K5 178
Tawse Peter, Co.I, 6th N.Y. Inf., Co. A, 13th N.Y.H.A., Co. H, 6th N.Y.H.A., post-war, 9th & 23rd U.S. Inf. & Ordnance Dept) Rosehill Cemetery, Montrose, Angus, Scotland, Grave -.
Thayer Joseph A., Co. G, 2nd N.J. Inf. - Braddan New Cemetery, Isle of Man, Block 3, Old Section 1, Grave 1801
Towers Robert, Pvt., Co. C, 24th Michigan Inf., Utley Cemetery, Keighley, Yorkshire, Grave 618
Trew John, (True?), Co. B, 10th N.Y. Inf., - South Perrott, Dorset, Churchyard, location unknown
Tupman William, Thomas, Landsman, USS Vermont, Ohio, Potomac, Chocura, July, 12, 1864-July 11, 1867 - Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel, Chesterfield, Grave -.
Tweedle Joseph, (Tweedale?, USS Galena, Princeton, Bermuda (post-war - Constellation, Chicopee, Marblehead) - Bury Cemetery, Lancs., grave 2366-Hp
Vernon-Harcourt Frederick C., claimed service in US Artillery & on USS Kearsarge, as yet unconfirmed - Woking – Brookwood Cemetery, Actor’s Acre, unmarked.
Vincent Henry (alias John Brown), Pvt., Co. F, 71st N.Y. Inf. (3-y) - Harrow Cemetery, Pinner Road, Grave 4153
Vincent Henry (alias John Brown), Pvt., Co. F, 71st N.Y. Inf. (3-y) - Harrow Cemetery, Pinner Road, Grave 4153, Section 25
von Otto Emil, Co. A, 94th N.Y. Inf. - Beckenham Cemetery, London. Grave -.
WalkerJacob, a Slave of Virginian owners, the Longs, who came with them to England in 1828 and was given his freedom and died in 1841. Buried in Churchyard of St. Mary, Hornsey, North London,
Walker Thomas, Chief QM, USS North Carolina, Unadilla, Princeton, Mahaska, Huron, post-war Bermont, Portsmouth - Ford Cemetery, Liverpool, Grave 2A 66
Warburton Robert B., Co. E, 25th N.Y. Cav. Heaton Cemetery, Bolton, Lancs., Grave Non-Conformist, 3rd Row/A1/19 (i/d via. Ancestry descendant)
Watkins Margaret Amy (widow of Charles Tyrrell Watkins, Pvt., Co. D, 2nd Minnesota Inf., d. 28.10.62, bur. Nashville Natl. Cem., Plot N.10453) - Bedford Cemetery, Beds., grave unc
Watts John, Pvt., Co. G, 19th. N.Y.Cav. & Co. G, 130th N.Y.Inf - Welford Road Cemetery, Leicester, Grave uP 1773 Fu 93473 Freehold
Weir James Walker, USS Ohio, Relief, North Carolina, Princeton - Jarrow, Northumberland, Cemetery, Section S, Grave 371 (public)
Westhead Samuel, USS Ohio, Supply, Wabash, North Carolina, Princeton - Wrexham Cemetery, Grave 4163
Whisby Robert William (Wisby?), only know that he was “a substitute” in the Civil War, so therefore presumably Union, & “roamed with a band of Sioux” - Hull, Northern Cemetery, Compartment 490, Grave 47314
Whitmore John, (alias John R. Barber, John Whittimore, Rufus Barber, John Rufus - Steward, USS Fort Donelson, St. Lawrence, William Badger - Walton Park Cemetery, Liverpool, Grave -.
Whittemore William, USS Vermont, Powhatan - Anfield Cem., Liverpool, Section 11, Grave 1937 (M. Rigby)
Williams James Russell (also Williams, James) 2 Cl. Fireman, USS Neptune, Honduras, Princeton, Dale, Howquah - Pant Cemetery, Pant, Merthyr Tydfil, Glam., Plot T/37
Willis James Watson, Co. B, 198th Penna. Inf. - St. James, Cem., Hampton Hill, Mddx., Grave -.
Willis Henry (alias Henry Adams), Seaman, USS Calypso, Princeton - Holy Trinity Churchyard, Ifracombe, Devon – grave not identifiable.
Willott Thomas, captured on Blockade Runner Bermuda by USS Mercedita, enlisted on Mercedita, also Ohio, Macedonian Ford Cemetery, Liverpool, Public Grave AD 389
Windle Alice Ann, widow of Charles Windle, alias Wilson, Co. M, 1st Mich. Engs & Mechanics, d. Sept. 15, 1864, of typhoid fever at Stevenson, Alabama.Widow bur. Greenacres Cem., Oldham, Grave 1 5 60
Withill William John, U.S.S. Vermont, Grand Gulf, Portsmouth, North Carolina - Brookwood Cemetery, Woking, Private Grave New 1st B Ground (cannot be pinpointed)
Woolstencroft Hugh Ledward (alias Ledward, Robert) Cpl., Co. M, 1st New York Cav. - St. Mary’s Church (Sankey Chapel), Gt. Sankey, Lancs, Grave -.
Wright Adlard, Co. K, 72nd Pennsylvania Inf. – Silsoe Parish Church, Beds., grave location unc.
Wright Charles Loyola Edward, USS Vandalia - St. Peter’s Churchyard, Ightham, Kent – Wright Family Plot
Wrightson John, Sgt., Co. A, 185th N.Y.Inf. – Leeds, Yorks: Lawnswood Cem., Freehold Grave T219 (courtesy Bro. Andrew Hopkinson)